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At EGX this year, our very own Oliver Walker was part of a panel talking about Disabilities within the industry, after the fold you’ll find Oliver’s write up on the event and some pictures!

Take it away Oliver…

EGX 2018

Towards the end of September, I had the upmost pleasure of taking part in a disability’s panel the as a part of the brand new EGX Fringe theatre. I was given the opportunity and privilege to talk about my experience as a game dev with Bipolar disorder. The panel featured a fantastic collection of games people with a wide range of experience and disabilities.

EGX Fringe Panel 1

The panel touched on a number of issues surrounding disabilities in the games we play and the games industry at large. The topics included what games feature positive representations of disabilities and advice for those who have a disability and are looking for a career in games. We also received a number of interesting thought-provoking questions from the audience that I had some answers for. Overall I found the panel was progressive candid and constructive, I learned a huge amount from my peers on the panel.


EGX Fringe Panel 2


My personal experience as part of the panel was extremely positive. I felt a great amount of pride to represent people like myself and be a voice for the community. I received many kind words at the end of the panel from those who attended and from my fellow panellists. To share my knowledge and perspective on what is often an overlooked part of games and games industry was an honour and pleasure. I very much hope to take part in more panels and talks in the future. It is my aspiration to inspire and inform people who will develop and design the games of the future.


If you would like to listen to an audio version of the panel you’re in luck! Follow the link bellow for the full recording.


  • Oliver William Walker / @OliverGameDev

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