Gravity Crash & Gravity Crash Ultra news!


We have Gravity Crash & Gravity Crash Ultra news for you… But it’s not good…

On August 27th 2018 Sony will be decommissioning the Gravity Crash and Gravity Crash Ultra server that runs the online content for both games. This includes all the User Generated Content as well as leaderboards and includes the decommissioning of other core IP games.

Gravity Crash for PS3 was released in November 2009 some 9 years ago now. However, Gravity Crash Ultra was released only 4 years ago this coming August. We know that Gravity Crash has a loyal fanbase and we’d love for you to be able to continue the online functionality of Gravity Crash.

We are looking at options for Gravity Crash Ultra, but nothing is concrete at this time, or indeed even in time for August 27th. 

For full details from Sony take a look here.

We would love to have a solution in place for August, but it’s highly unlikely we will. But rest assured we are looking into it!

Share your memories of Gravity Crash with us, comment below – help us keep the game alive!

UPDATE: We’ve heard from Sony this week, unfortunately the Gravity Crash servers have already been taken down, and was done when they scheduled it to be. The issue is that their PR/Marketing people communicated the incorrect date for the servers to be decommissioned. We are working with Sony to try and get the User Generated Levels from them to add to a possibly NEW server run by us. This however will only apply to Gravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita.


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  1. Gravity Crash Ultra seems to be down already, when you boot up game I get an error saying the onlineis no longer supported, any help sould be appreciated…think the ps3 version is down too

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