“Vectoron” Prototype shots!

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Gravity Crash Ultra on PS Vita. As such we thought we’d have some fun and show you some PS3 Prototype pics of “Vectoron” on PS3, as it was known.


Between August 2008 and November 2008 we spent 4 months working on the prototype of Vectoron, the game that would become “Gravity Crash”, before it went to Green Light at Sony XDev, during those months we had up’s and down’s, but as time went on we got more and more excited, even having the likes of, at the time, Sony Team Liverpool artist legend, Lee Carus, offering to help us out with the graphical look of the game, an offer we unfortunately didn’t have the time to take him up on due to his commitments to Wipeout at the time.

Changing Features!

The below images are shots of the game from during that time, some of it is still the same today, but there’s also a fair few differences too, such as …

  • Dark levels
  • Pools of water
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Radar
  • Multiple weapons
  • Isotopes
  • Different planet select screen

To name but a few.

Prototype Shots!

During the prototype phase we were changing thinks constantly, a lot of it we just can’t remember, but some of it we can and would rather we didn’t! (radial menus for the whole game, including the editor – yuck).

We haven’t just dug these out because it’s the VITA anniversary, we’ve dug it out as we’re working on a little something that I think fans of the game will enjoy. We’re a while away from showing anything off, but we just wanted to share with you some of these memories from the first game to whet your appetite.

What on earth can we be talking about?

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If you’d like to grab the VITA version of “Gravity Crash Ultra” then click the links below…

Sony Europe

Sony America

And for more info about the game, click here.


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