New Offices New Projects Bigger Team!

New Offices

Now that we've moved into our spacious new, Air Conditioned offices here in Central Leeds at Arena Point, we're expanding the team, to help us complete various projects.

New Offices



New Projects

We currently have 4 projects in the pipeline, 3 original projects that are yet to be announced, and a new version of our original PS3 title "Gravity Crash". Which has a working title of "Super Gravity Crash Ultra"...

Bigger Team

Of these projects 3 are scheduled for 2018 release and as such we're looking to expand the team here at JAW, those positions are...

Designer, Programmers, Artists and a Producer!

We are a small team here at JAW, but we have big vision and high ambitions, if you're interested in joining, please take a look at our Recruitment page.

We are looking for both, permanent staff members and in-house fixed term contractors.


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