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We're Moving

2017 marks a period of change for JAW, not least all the exciting new projects, but we’re moving to new offices, and not just a short hop across town here in Otley, but moving 14 miles into Leeds City Centre!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be opening our new offices in Leeds City Centre, next door to Leeds Arena, into a rather tall building, so one might say we’re at last moving into JAW Towers!

We’re moving into the 15th floor of Arena Point, a 2 minute walk from the heart of Leeds, and a 15 minute walk from Leeds Train Station, and we can’t wait.

West out of new office

Looking West out of the offices


Looking West out of the new offices you can see over to Leeds Beckett University, Leeds University and Leeds General Infirmary. You can even make out the roof of the Arena in the bottom right corner of the picture.

The new offices are larger than our current offices weighing in at a healthy 2100 Square Feet, with a large fish bowl style conference room and separate offices. Also a bunch of other refineries that come with running a development studio!

Our primary reason for moving to Leeds City Centre is to aid with hiring new staff. Over the past few years the biggest complaint about being in Otley has been that it’s not very central nor has it been great for access to employees that live in Leeds, so we decided last year that we were going to move into the heart of the city to resolve the concept that we were stuck in the sticks.


East out of new offices

The office has windows on 3 sides, East, South and West, the above view is the East, you can make out one of BrewDogs’ fine establishments, as well as looking over to Victoria Gate parking and shopping.

So for those looking for a city centre lifestyle and wish to work on exciting gaming projects, take a look at our recruitment page and have a look at what’s available.

We will be making more posts above the move and the offices as we make our way to being actually in the offices.


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