Micro Machines World Series coming Spring 2017

Micro Machines World Series

2017 starts with a new client, Codemasters, who we are working with to bring you Micro Machines World Series coming Spring 2017!

Micro Machines

We’re pleased to announce we’re working with Codemasters for the latest version of the Micro Machines franchise, coming in 2017! Here at JAW we’re working on the console versions of the game, for PS4 and Xbox One!

We’re incredibly happy to be working with “Codies” a company most of us here grew up playing games from in the mid-80s! Yes, some of us here are THAT old!

Over the course of the coming months we’ll show more off, but for the moment, here’s a wee sneaky trailer for you!

The Announcement Trailer


You’ll find the full Press Release here on the games project page.


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