Volume update to all versions!


Today at 11am GMT we will be releasing updates for every version of Volume, by Bithell Games.

This update enables a server migration for the User Generated Content that you, the players, have created since the games launch.

It also fixes the PS4 version trophy “Lincoln Green”.

The update will be released for all versions, which is …

PC, Mac, PS4 & VITA.

The announcement from Mike can be found here, or below …

Hi all,

Today at 11am GMT, we’ll be doing a scheduled update to the game and server across all platforms. This should all be done smoothly with no problems affecting scoreboards and user generated content, but do please forgive us if there are any temporary issues, and if you do notice something odd with online content at any point in the future, it’d be great if you could let us know!

Thanks so much for your continued support of Volume, and the awesome things you’ve already made in it!



The patch has now been released, and everything seems to be going smoothly! If you do have any issues with online elements, please get in touch ASAP via Twitter, or via the Contact Us page.




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