Gravity Crash Ultra gets anniversary price drop!


Wednesday marks the 7th anniversary since Gravity Crash released on the PS3. We’ve decided to celebrate this monumental date with a price drop!

GCU Price drop!

We say price drop, what we really mean is we’re SLASHING the price of Gravity Crash Ultra. The current prices is £5.79, €6.99 and US$8.99 Starting Wednesday the prices will be … £2.49, €2.99 and US$3.49.

For those that don’t own the game, now is the perfect chance to get it! For those that don’t know about Gravity Crash Ultra, here’s the trailer as well as some info!

What is Gravity Crash Ultra?

The seminal classic, originally released four years ago on the PlayStation 3, has been remixed and amped up for its 2014 portable release as Gravity Crash Ultra, making the most of Sony’s powerful handheld.

For this enhanced Vita version UK developers Just Add Water have implemented precision controls that use both analog sticks; maximised the console’s OLED display with the full 960×544 native resolution with eye-popping colours and retained that all-important 60 FPS frame-rate, giving players the smoothest, slickest possible Gravity Crash yet.



You’ll be able to get the SIEE version right here! and the SIEA version right here!

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