It’s busy at JAW Towers!


Every so often we get pretty busy, the past few days have been one such period. To give you a bit of an insight how busy it can be, I thought I’d give you a run down of what’s happened over the past couple of days at JAW Towers.

The list!

  1. Submitted patches to SCEA for VOLUME on both PlayStation4 and VITA, adding in full Japanese language support. As the game releases in Japan on August 10th!
  2. Submitted our latest milestone of Cities: Skylines to Paradox.
  3. Had an approval from Microsoft for the Lumo patch, there will be news tomorrow on when it’ll be released, hopefully also tomorrow.
  4. The above VOLUME patches were approved today. Both have already been released into the wild. NOTE these updates just add Japanese language support.
  5. Doing the final internal QA pass, on the CrossSave update to Lumo on PS4/VITA. Which heads off into the Sony Submission process shortly.
  6. Preparing a near final build of VOLUME: CODA, our first PS VR title.
  7. Preparing plans for more work on VOLUME, including server migration updates.
  8. Arranged some secret stuff.
  9. Working on new agreements for late 2016 and beyond.


What’s beyond?

This October is our 10th birthday, which will mark the start of a busy year for JAW, as we look to move offices in Q1 2017, and prepare probably two of our biggest releases EVER!


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