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Over the past 17 months, JAW have had some ups and downs, however during the past year we’ve gone from strength to strength. Stewart, talks about 2015 and some of our plans for 2016…

Happy New Year 2016


Hi everyone, I wanted to raise a glass to the team here at JAW and all their hard work over the past 12 months, which has been probably the busiest 12 months we’ve ever had.

Not long after New ‘n’ Tasty shipped on PS4 in late July 2014 it became clear we would not be working with Oddworld Inhabitants on any future full scale projects again, as such we had to find new work and fast. Yes we still had some of the other Platforms for New ‘n’ Tasty to do, PS3, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, but that would only use a small part of the team.

So we started looking around for new clients, pretty quickly we landed work with Paradox & Ruffian on the PS4 version of Hollowpoint, which later led to more involvement with Paradox on the project, as well as some DLC work for Cities: Skylines.

Once we’d shipped the Xbox One & PS3 versions of NnT others in the team moved onto projects for Bossa Studios, and Bithell Games, both projects saw releases during August of this year, with more to come.

We also spent time building relationships with more new clients, such as Rising Star Games, who we helped out with their title Poncho for PS4, with more projects in the pipeline for 2016.

During 2015 we’ve shipped 5 projects on 7 different platforms making 2015 our busiest year ever…

  • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – PC/Mac/Linux/Xbox one & PS3
  • Volume: PS4 & VITA (VITA, Coming January 5th 2016)
  • I am Bread: PS4
  • Poncho: PS4
  • Cities: Skylines/Magicka DLC – PC

As for 2016, currently we have four projects shipping on five platforms, all but one of those is during the first half of the year, with some exciting prototypes also in the works for late 2016 and beyond!

I’d like to thank you all for your support over the years, especially this past year, and we look forward to bringing you more brilliant projects moving forward into 2016 and beyond.

Happy New Year everyone!

Stewart Gilray – CEO



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