Happy Hol-ODD-Days from JAW!

It’s been an exciting year for all of us here at Just Add Water. We’ve grown and worked hard and, thanks to the massively widespread and dedicated fanbase of Oddworld, we’ve also made a lot of new friends. To all of you, thank you for your love and support, and may you have very Happy Hol-ODD-Days!


4 comments on “Happy Hol-ODD-Days from JAW!

  1. >Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (£9.99/€12.99) Rating: PEGI 12
    >Availability: Not available in Portugal, Russian Federation or Ukraine

    Why? When Oddworld will be available on russian stores?

  2. IGN’s review of Strangers Wrath HD went up. Check it out. Not really justifiable in my opinion though, so I added a comment to the guy who did the review, I hope it gets viewed..

    [My username] – MachinemadeGod13
    (Dear,) Anthony Gallegos, I give you credit for posting your review, and providing a score that is justifiable to a certain extent. But…

    I only really disagree with you on the basis that you have reviewed and factored in your criticism of this game against modern day generation games in ways of innovation, instead of reviewing it against other HD remakes, and how it raises the bar against them. The remake of this game never had intentions of changing the mechanics at all, so you should be expecting last gen mechanics, and level design. [Just Add Water did a great job by the way – credit to them for all their hard work] That is something that you didn\\\’t quite factor into your review and scoring, and if you did factor that into your review and score, you would have yourself a really solid review.

    A 7.5 is still good for a HD update of a last gen game anyway against current gen game reviews, even though in my opinion this deserves a solid 9, just because of how unique it is, and how daring it was for the original Oddworld Inhabitants studio that went out and tried something different like this. This game is the underdog that could have become extremely popular if it weren\\\’t for the clueless marketing team of the studios publisher. That is to say, the Oddworld franchise would be massive if it were with EA, or Activision, rather than Atari.

    For me it is a cult classic, and one I will be buying as soon as it\\\’s up on the PSN. [I hope Microsoft get their act together so it can be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace for those who don\\\’t have a PS3, you\\\’re missing out on a gem here].”

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