“Indefatigable UK veteran” Stew, interviewed on Develop Magazine’s website

We don’t know what ‘indefatigable’ (is it a nice way of saying fat?) means, but we do know that Develop Magazine is using this word to describe our Stew – Stewart ‘Gilrod’ Gilray – in its informal interview with him, published today!

Our Stew can be found answering questions that range from “what games did you work on?”, right through to “what are your favourite games?” and “what books do you like?”

Stew likes playing the guitar, velvet furniture and softly lit rooms

For those interested in the life of our 220-pound, Rush-fueled, man of the North, he lists ‘making Gravity Crash’, ‘Oddworld games’, ‘Bladerunner’, and ‘holding hands by the beach’ as his turn-ons, and ‘Emerdale’, ‘brown shoes’ and ‘people who don’t like hugs’ as his turn-offs. We may have made up some of those last ones to add filler to this piece.

Hello ladies!

The interview can be found here.

Meanwhile, Stew can be found putting the finishing touches on Gravity Crash for PSP, and wearing old man hats that cost 70 quid while telling children to behave…

*insert ‘old man’ noises*

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