Gravity Crash to feature music from Cold Storage

Today has been a wonderful day indeed, for it was the day we received the final soundtrack composition for Gravity Crash, from the well-known musical genius named ‘CoLD SToRAGE’. In case you don’t know, the man is heralded for his work on the well-respected, award-winning and much-loved Wipeout soundtrack.

All I can say right now is my ears are smiling ear-to-ear. Here’s the tracklisting, which we will tease you guys with over the coming weeks, using that ever-so-wondrous technology known as ‘audio excerpts’:

1. Andromeda
2. Cliff Diver
3. Crash Punk
4. GRP
5. Krayola
6. Querk
7. Scarface
8. Torment
9. Trexx
10. Vectribe
11. Whorhammer

Prepare thyselves!

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