Over the years, the team at JAW have been called upon by publishers to help other developers with their projects. Whether it's code, art, design or production, our team have taken on many challenges to help complete projects for other teams. We have extensive knowledge of Unity, Unreal and many native programmning languages, having worked on a number of high profile projects.



As well as working on new titles and developing content for them, we've also worked on a number of conversions for various publishers, bringing PC based-titles to console. We apply all the same production principles and quality bars to these conversions as we do our own developments. Any title that has the JAW name attached to it is a guarantee of quality.

Work For Hire

Over the years, we have worked hard to develop our track record of well received-projects. Projects coming in on time, on budget and with a high quality bar is something we pride ourselves on. Our team of experienced, dedicated and expert employees bring a passion and knowledgebase that is second to none. As registered developers for all the major consoles JAW can bring any idea to life on any platform.