Stewart Gilray
Stewart is an industry veteran of the biz, he’s been making games professionally since 1987! Yes he really is THAT old!
Steven Caslin
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Brett Lewis
Lead Artist
2nd youngest employee of JAW, one of the longest serving as well. Brett likes long walks in nature, and doge.
Thomas Bramall
Lead Character Artist
The one who arts. Inappropriate at all the appropriate moments. No back rubs without prior consent.
Matt Glanville
Uprooted from indie design to apply his talents to the Oddworld franchise, Matt can sometimes be found daydreaming about Luminesca.
Phil Jones
John Gray
Laura Dawes
Environment Artist
Laura's been an environment artist for 10 years. She loves playing video games, board games, and competing in Magic: The Gathering tournaments.
Stephen Dalzell
Environment Artist
When not playing jokes on fellow workers, this retro gamer can be found making pretty artwork and sipping from the fountain of youth.
Maya Oruba
very 3D... so animation... much character...
Martin Akehurst
Martin endures much in his constant quest for less bugs, as well as helping out with design duties filling his life with boxes n other stuffz.
Ryan Buck
Environment Artist
...Wacom Warrior!