They’ve surpassed it

Shahid Ahmad

I was delighted that we teamed up with Just Add Water again to create the PS Vita version of Gravity Crash. I was doubtful that the PS3 experience could be replicated on the Vita, but Stewart and team have not only matched the PS3 version, they’ve surpassed it. I can’t wait to play the definitive version of the game on my favourite handheld gaming device

Shahid Ahmad

Passionate, creative and hard-working.

Phil Gaskell

Just Add Water are exactly what you want from a development partner; passionate, creative and hard-working. Every time I’ve collaborated with them I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and the end product has been spectacular.

Phil Gaskell

They continue to impress

Just Add Water make games that I truly love to play, from the retro masterpiece ‘Gravity Crash Ultra’ to the complete modernization of the Oddworld universe, they continue to impress.

Glenn Percival
PS Nation

Pull together a great version for console.

Vince F

We partnered with Just Add Water for the PS4 port of I am Bread. They helped us take the game from PC to console whilst it was in Steam Early Access and changing regularly; this was a challenging task but they managed to keep step and pull together a great version for the console.

Vince Farquharson
Bossa Studios

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