CoLD SToRAGE Easter sale, pay what you like!

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Our esteemed friend and colleague Tim Wright, aka CoLD SToRAGE is putting his entire discography up on Easter sale, the price, well £1+ Pay what you like as long as it’s over £1.00. We think this is a fantastic chance to grab all of his work, if you haven’t already! Details below … PRESS RELEASE: […]

CoLD SToRAGE releases special soundtrack mix to celebrate release of Gravity Crash!

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CoLD SToRAGE; the man, the myth, the musician, the breather of air, the eater of food, the genius… has seen fit to gift you good gamesplaying folks free, excellent music, derived from the excellent Gravity Crash soundtrack. The track you’ll hear is a remix of the unannounced track from the soundtrack to this little game […]

CoLD SToRAGE – Querk excerpt

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Continuing with the full preview of the Gravity Crash soundtrack, tonight we give you Querk the 6th track. As with previous nights, you’ll find the excerpt on the Audio page.

Gravity Crash – Screenshots and Music

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Carrying on for trend we started last night, we’ve just added another excerpt from the Gravity Crash soundtrack, the 2nd of a 7 night update. Today it’s the track Krayola. We’ve also added up some brand new screenshots, shown today for the first time anyway. You’ll found all of the above under the Media banner […]

Our ‘Contact Us’ page is broken :(

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We’ve just found out that since the site re-launched, our ‘contact us’ form system has been broken. Despite it reporting that it was working correctly, it wasn’t actually forwarding on any of the forms. Anyway we’ve now fixed it. [crowd applause] If you’ve sent us some comments/feedback since the site relaunched in August, we suggest […]

‘Scarface’ track from the Gravity Crash soundtrack, released today!

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As promised earlier this week, the first single from the Gravity Crash soundtrack is out for you lucky folks to buy, for the paltry same amount as an underwhelming iPhone App, a thing costing 1.59 in a 99pence store, or whatever else costs more than a quid and fifty nine pence. Because you can pay […]

Scarface: the first single from the Gravity Crash Soundtrack

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Scarface is the first single to be released from the Gravity Crash soundtrack, and it’s coming this Friday, September 18th 2009. As Gravity Crash is a retro title, the single is also a retro release, in that it will be available as a virtual 7″ single, with both A and B sides, so not only […]

New Gravity Crash Soundtrack excerpt – Cliff Diver

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Hi all. We’ve just added an new excerpt from the Gravity Crash soundtrack to our Audio page. Today it’s the track “Cliff Diver”, hope you enjoy it. As you know, Mr CoLD SToRAGE put this lovely piece together using his amazing suite of musical things, that may or may not include actual lasers and actual […]