Gravity Crash Portable

Gravity Crash Portable™ combines old school arcade gameplay with next-gen visuals, delivering a simple yet addictive experience. Pilot a spacecraft and tackle a variety of missions, from taking out enemy installations to rescuing stranded astronauts. Each planet is fraught with danger, from narrow, twisting tunnels to deadly creatures. Players can even create their own custom levels to share. You’ll need quick wits and a precise, steady hand to survive the action in Gravity Crash.

This is PSP version of Gravity Crash, was released 9 months after it’s PS3 Big Brother, and served as an updated version of the original. The below additions/changes were made…

  • Three ships. An anti-gravity ship. When playing, if you let go of the Analog Stick you will now no longer plunge to your doooooooom.
  • We’ve increased the number of special weapon slots from 3 to 5.
  • We’ve added a lot more weapon pickups throughout the levels.
  • We’ve made the Primary Objectives more recognisable on the radar (BIG FLASHING DOTS).
  • We used the old school concept of 3 lives then game over. It seems however that modern game players are not only unfamiliar with this concept, but also just don’t get it. So we’ve removed it. If you Game Over, you can start from where you left off.
  • We’ve altered a bunch of the levels to take that extreme difficulty edge off of them.
  • We completely re-wrote the “paint” aspect of the editor, to make it faster and cleverer in relation to holes.
  • We’ve added a new game mode, “Survivor mode”, where you have an ever decreasing time limit, but an ever increasing difficulty level, in which to collect 10 gems.
  • We’ve also unlocked the hidden game “Gold Grabber” which was only unlocked by completing the game on the PS3 version.



For fans of the PlayStation 3 version of Gravity Crash this is more of the same, slightly refined. That’s not a bad thing though, the game is perfectly suited to short periods of play and the PSP’s portability makes it an ideal fit.
– The Sixth Axis - 8/10