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We are looking for talented, creative Environment Artists to join our team to help develop a wealth of titles covering various genres.

You will have a minimum of 4 years games industry experience, and at least 1 shipped title. The ideal candidate will have had experience building 3D platforming game on PC/console systems.

You will be part of our environment artist team, where you will visualise and create levels and environments in our games. A successful applicant must demonstrate a flair for environment art and should be experienced at using a combination of tools available.

Your main roles will include:

  • Creation of high poly assets for use in normal/AO baking.
  • Creating and exporting low poly assets for use in-engine.
  • Texturing in Photoshop.
  • Collaborating with our game designers to lay out levels in our editing tools and populate them with the assets you and others have created.
  • Unity Engine experience essential
  • Unreal Engine knowledge a bonus, but not essential.

We are working on well thought out concepts and designs, as such you must demonstrate the ability to closely match these and style guides.

Similarly any previous industry work on AAA titles is a bonus, but not required.

Salary will be negotiated based on experience.


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