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Hey gang,

Between the previous Dev Diary and the next I wanted just to show you an update to the PS3 Stranger model. The work is almost done on the model of the main character, so whilst we work away on the game I wanted to give you this short update, and let you guys get a look at Stranger.

We hope you like him.


  • AngryCuban

    He looks bad ass, I likes.

  • feedChicken

    He looks better than the CGI version now. Will you be giving most of the environment the same kind of treatment?

  • admin

    Great work on the texturing, bump and specular highlighting:D
    Really pumped for this!

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  • johnvanderhoef

    I can’t tell you how glad I am you’re working with Oddworld Inhabitants to bring back one of the greatest franchises in gaming and starting with such an under-appreciated game as Stranger’s Wrath. I bought it on launch day in January 2005 and continue to love it to this day.

    Hopefully Microsoft gets back to you because I’d rather play it on the 360. However, whatever version gets released first is the version I pick up.

  • EdOdd

    I wish there’d be a Blu-ray release.

    The only subtle detail missing now compared to the CGI model is the 3D strapping and some specular shine on the boot metal, crotch poppers and claws. The poncho looks more leathery now but I’m not sure what the original intended material was.

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  • lloyd

    I’m loving the re-make, shame its not on 360. any reason why not?

    also you should put the texture size next to each model as that makes a big difference!!!

  • Gildon

    YES! I can’t wait for this.

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