Posted on Apr 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Something you guys, our avid fans, have been going on about for ages is When is there going to be a level creation competition? well guess what it’s that time!

Our colleagues over at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have just launched such a wondrous event.

Full details can be found over at the EU PlayStation Blog.

So what do you win? Well the top 5 levels picked by us will be put together in a pack to be included with the PSP Version of the game, not only that, but you, will win a PSPGo! with a copy of the PSP version of the game, Gravity Crash Portable!

Anyway, get creating, we want to see what you guys can come up with.

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  • vincent w. ho

    cripe!! i’d only started playing gravity Crash in may2o1o… 🙁
    i love this game and really dig the level editor, but i seems that i’ve missed the competition by a long-shot.

    (i currently have 3 levels under omegaCarotene on PSN, two of which have mutiple paths and shortcuts for speed-runs).

    will Jaw be holding another competition anytime in the near future?
    also, is there anyway to get in touch with the GC community beyond playing user levels, submitting levels, and voting on likes, aside from just individually PSN-messaging other level-creators to give kudos?

    – omegaC