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Our esteemed friend and colleague Tim Wright, aka CoLD SToRAGE is putting his entire discography up on Easter sale, the price, well £1+ Pay what you like as long as it’s over £1.00.

We think this is a fantastic chance to grab all of his work, if you haven’t already!

Details below …


March 25th 2010

Liverpool, UK

Celebrated and award winning musician Tim Wright aka. CoLD SToRAGE, famous for his

work on dozens of games from Lemmings in the early 1990’s through to recent PS3 game

Gravity Crash, is having an Easter Bargain Bonanza!

For a period of just over two weeks, from March 25th through to April 12th 2010, his entire

collection of audio albums will be priced at a minimum of £1 each.

Wright says, “If you’re like me and really aren’t that keen on Chocolate, then Easter can be

a tricky time for people trying to find something different. So I thought I’d make my albums

more accessible as gifts over the Easter period. I’ll be changing the price on all my albums

and singles to £1 minimum, with the option of paying a little extra if you feel like adding to

my Easter Bunny fund!”

Tim’s music is available through Bandcamp right now… so pop along and grab a bargain

over Easter –

Tim can be reached at


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