Posted on Jan 29, 2010 | One Comment

The v1.02 update, which will be released soon, also features the following changes and improvements:

  • Better voting interface for user created levels.
  • Improved menu navigation.
  • Fixes to sound fx playback.
  • Hi-scores can no longer be posted from the Trial version.
  • The hidden level “Umbria” is now correctly unlocked in the Campaign.
  • Polish language now available.

As an aside to this, we also wanted to let you know that we’ve seen over 1400 levels and there are some real gems out there!

Our top picks thus far are the levels by “E-T-E-C” and “RubiconAlpha”. I would highly recommend you check them out, as we find them to be clever, challenging and enjoyable in equal measure.

As for a release date on the patch, we don’t have on yet, but when we do, you guys will be the first to know.

Happy Thursday…


  • TurboTony

    I’ve just updated my Gravity Crash to the latest version. Is it normal for all of my planet progress to be lost during this update or not ?
    I previously emailed you about a month ago concerning an issue I have had.
    To reiterate, I had finished the game (without continuing) and opened up all of the planets and I decided to have a go at a user level that Gazo69 had created, but instead of using the preferred “classic” controls I thought I would try the new “dual stick” method and also a different special weapon, instead of the first one. I soon realized that I just could not control the craft with the same level of accuracy so I decided to go back to the “classic” controls. After which I briefly saw “SAVING” flash up. I then went to play a “non user generated planet” and to my horror all of my progress had been erased.
    Luckily for me I had made a backup soon after I had finished the game, so I was able to put that back on the system. At the time of my last email to you I had forgotten that fact.

    Possible game improvements :-

    I can think of a some things that would have been better when rescuing pilots.

    when you rescue some of your crashed pilots, sometimes there are some red enemies walking about, it should be the case that if they come into contact with your ship, it blows up. As I see it, they serve no purpose other than a bit of cannon fodder. Also if say you have rescued 6 men and then you get destroyed, you shouldn’t get credit for saving them at the end of the level. One last thing the men aren’t affected by the thrust from your ship, in Oids on the Atari ST (another brilliant game) the men used to burn up, so you had to be very careful.

    Anyhow, thanks for the brilliant game, I hope you’ll bring out some more content for it in the future.