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CoLD SToRAGE; the man, the myth, the musician, the breather of air, the eater of food, the genius… has seen fit to gift you good gamesplaying folks free, excellent music, derived from the excellent Gravity Crash soundtrack.


The track you’ll hear is a remix of the unannounced track from the soundtrack to this little game we just made…

Mr SToRAGE (as we like to call him), previously worked on the seminal and award-winning WipeOut soundtrack, just in case you didn’t know. He’s really rather good. We like him a lot. Really. He did a great job on the game. Superb in fact.

Want to buy the soundtrack album? You’ll have to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, the single from the game can be purchased here:

Finally, you’ve got a little over 4 days to wait until you can buy Gravity Crash from the PlayStation(r) Store! Full release and content details, here!

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